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Frequently Asked Questions

Natural grass is not only softer to the touch and more familiar to most pets, it also naturally deodorizes through its thatch layer. Additionally, natural grass is much better for the environment and does not include those unnatural components that artificial grass contains.

Yes! We have seen some customers use it for cats, bunnies, pygmy goats, and more. Mostly if you have an indoor animal that normally needs to go outdoors to do its business you can train it to use this. Obviously, this is something you will need to train your furry friend on how to use.

Depending on the frequency you selected, we will ship you a new “Potty” at that time. Our one-time purchase of the plastic tray allows you to just replace the grass and clean the plastic tray as needed.

Yes! Our customers’ pets love them. It’s an easier option for long days at work or when you just can’t get outside. The real grass makes dogs feel at ease and as if they were outside.

No, we have seen that most dogs pick up on this very easily and are trained well on this. Please review our training guide to see how best to train your dog.

If you’d like to update your subscription, please contact us, at [email protected]