How It Works

Intro to How It Works

At Fido's Outdoor Potty we offer various sizes and subscriptions plans to fit everyone's needs. To get started, all you'll need to do is select a size that fits your dog(s), delivery frequency, and if you need a tray or not. We know that each person and pet has different schedules so we will let you customize it to your needs.

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Step #1:

Select Your Size

First, you will want to select which size potty pad you need for your pet.

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Step #2:

Select a Delivery Frequency

Next select the frequency you want the new potty pad delivered.

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Step #3:

Add a Tray

Add a tray that matches the potty pad size you have chosen.

Step #4:

Enjoy Your Pet's Happiness

Rest easy knowing your pet will have relief while you are gone.